Though we are one of the smallest of the counties of Northern Ireland, we have plenty to offer visitors. Dominated by rural countryside and sweeping views, the main attractions take advantage of the natural beauty of the County. We are awash with local producers and this is reflected in the variety of places you can eat as well as the produce we serve for breakfast.  

We can provide advice and recommendation on a place to grab a bite or have an evening meal. 

In between exploring this small, but impressive, County you’ll, of course, need to eat, drink, and sleep (we have you covered there), and below we’ve outlined some of the most popular spots throughout Fermanagh.

     Coffee and Snacks

Rebecca’s Coffee Shop

Tucked into The Buttermarket, this shop is the perfect place for a cup of coffee and a bit of cake — of which the options are usually plentiful. In the warmer weather, enjoy outdoor seating among the other shops of the market. Named for a woman named Rebecca Dick, the story says she was the first person to sell fresh bread in Enniskillen. They have expanded the menu past just bread, but baked goods are definitely still on the menu. For more information, visit here.

The Bee's Knees


The Bees Knees Cafe, Enniskillen is all about producing quality delicious food using local ingredients and suppliers. The trained baristas also make the most amazing coffees using only the best.


     Lunch and Dinner

The Jolly Sandwich

True to its name, the menu at this cafe has over thirty sandwich options for lunch but doesn’t stop there. They also serve a wide variety of salads and soups, plus cakes for dessert. Chalkboards are lined with the menu behind a welcoming counter, which is full of pastry and savoury offerings. The casual setting and counter service make it a great option for a quick lunch in Enniskillen before spending an afternoon exploring.


Award-winning Greek food at Dollakis is a great option for lunch in Fermanagh. The traditional dishes include falafels, gyros, souvlaki, and moussaka. Reasonably priced and popular, the small space is often crowded, but it’s a great spot to head with friends to share a few things and get a taste of authentic greek cuisine.


Tully Mill Restaurant 

Self-proclaimed as “Fermanagh’s Hidden Gem,” this restaurant is conveniently located nearby to popular attractions like the Marble Arch Caves and Florence Court. They are only open Friday and Saturday evenings and for two seatings of Sunday lunch, but at three courses for £24.95 it’s a lovely place to wrap up a weekend of exploring with a luxurious lunch featuring classic favorites like roast beef with Yorkshire puddings, leg of lamb, or fillets of Irish salmon. Booking essentia!

28 Darling Street 

If you’re looking to enjoy a more upscale, leisurely Sunday lunch, 28 Darling Street is where you should head. They’re only open for lunch on Sundays, from 12:00 – 5:30, and offer a set menu with two courses for £20.00 and three courses £25.00. Any other day of the week, this is a great option for dinner, where you can enjoy a tasting menu, pre-theatre special (two courses start at £21.50), or simply order a la carte.


     Pubs and Bars

Crowe's Nest

One of the oldest pubs in Enniskillen, and located in the main shopping district, this bar is popular with locals but also attracts visitors. Screens for live sports make it a great place to catch a match during your visit to Fermanagh, or pop in for live music. If you’re looking to extend your night out they have a nightclub above the bar, or just stay to enjoy dinner.

Blakes of the Hollow (William Blake)

Opened as a pub originally in in 1887, this three story Victorian pub still has its original nineteenth-century facade and much of the interior is original as well. Since 1929 it has been under the management of the same family, who named it the William Blake (it has since become known as “The Hallow”). In addition to the pub, which is to the front of the building, the venue includes a gothic style ‘Atrium Bar’ and a contemporary music venue, plus two restaurants. With its marble topped bar, dark wood, and casks set into the wall behind, this is a shining example of the Victorian pub.

The Horseshoe Bar

Part of the family run Horseshoe and Saddlers group, this bar is, again, an old favorite in Enniskillen. The bar has all the design features of a classic pub, with booths lining the walls, dark woods, brick walls, and stained glass accents. The more recent addition of Saddlers Bistro and Wine Bar doubled the attraction of the venue, offering a great spot for dinner before (or after) drinks at the pub.